Exterior Painting


Not only does a fresh coat of Exterior Paint keep your building looking great but it also serves as a barrier of protection against the elements:  Sun, Wind, Rain and Freezing weather all take it’s toll on your exterior paint job.  Over time the paint will start to fade, flake and peel off  and then you’re looking for guys like us to repaint it for you.

While we can’t paint your building and tell you it will last forever, we can certainly tell you that a EMF Painting job will look much better and last much longer than most.  Do we use any special paints?  No, Not really… But we are very meticulous with every detail of your painting project, especially the planning and prep work, which is what really makes a quality paint job last a long time.


Pressure washing is performed three days to a week prior to the actual start date of the job. All lose and peeling paint is removed.


Pressure washing is a crucial step in prepping a surface for a paint job. By removing loose and peeling paint, the new coat will adhere better and last longer. It's typically done a few days to a week before the painting begins to ensure the surface is fully dry.

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